What is Conversational Intelligence and How Do Sales Coaches Use It

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What is Conversational Intelligence and How Do Sales Coaches Use It

Do you have a contact centre of 100+ reps you need to coach? Have you tried rolling out a new sales coaching methodology at scale? I bet you wish you had Conversational Intelligence at your disposal.

It’s been around a while but I’ve found in the last few years its gone leaps and bounds in terms of the actionable insights Sales Coaches can now deliver at scale. The initial iterations of Conversational Intelligence were less about highlighting key components to a conversation and more about simple call transcription.

These days with companies like Gong and Salesloft we’re a bit spoiled for choice with each year more and more features and integrations. Conversational Intelligence is an essential skill for sales professionals in today’s competitive marketplace. The ability to listen, ask the right questions and know how to react when people answer them gives you a definite advantage over your competitors. 

How Sales Coaches Can Grow Reps with Conversational Intelligence

Identify areas for improvement

The best thing about Conversational Intelligence for most Sales Coaches is it streamlines the review process. A tool like HubSpot’s inbuilt Conversational Intelligence tool is that you can search for keywords, provide inline feedback for the sales rep and associate that review to the contact record.

This is especially powerful when completing dozens or hundreds of call reviews a month. The ability to have a centralised source of information and to quickly jump to the relevant parts of the conversation and leave notes for the sales rep to review is a big time saver.

This saves you having to shadow calls live or sit there and wait for the relevant part of the conversation, if you know your rep has an issue asking about budget then what’s easier than searching for the word in the call transcript and jumping to that portion of the call. 

HubSpot Conversational intelligence tools screenshot- The Keen Smarketer

Find patterns amongst your reps

Hopefully, you’re measuring several metrics across your team to assess their performance but most sales coaches know some reps do some things better than others and bad behaviours spread like a virus within a sales team.

The ability to assess calls quickly and specifically targeting keywords or parts of the conversation that you know have a big impact is not only a time saver but can be hugely valuable to the team’s performance. Tools like Sales Loft allow you to see how engaged your contacts are in the conversation, who’s talking and when and uses AI to analyse your conversation. This allows you to find common traits amongst conversations and provides a great feedback tool to use with reps so they can see the overall structure of their conversation.

What I love about Salesloft is we’ve been able to fit in more touchpoints per contact in the same amount of time, it’s cadence tools are a brilliant way to keep the sales team reaching out to contacts in a timely and personal fashion.

Sales Loft Screen Shot- The Keen Smarketer

Hear from your customers

It’s all too easy to forget that you have customers when you don’t speak to them all day every day. Sales Coaches are sometimes too removed from the front line and having Conversational Intelligence allows you to hear directly from them, what the problem is they’re trying to solve and how we’re aligning with their needs.

It allows you to stay up to date with trends, industry insights, common objections and further shape your ability to coach your team. You can identify areas for improvement before you get the end of quarter numbers and find out there’s a problem.

The data you can collect helps you plan and prepare, keeping on top of the trends that will affect your team’s performance.

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